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I have added a few more artist online demonstrations to the Upcoming Events tab on this website, some are paid others are free so have a look, hopefully there is something to interest you and get you inspired to pick up your art materials and have a go. Don’t forget to email me your artworks so I can add them to the Creation in Isolation gallery which host about 80+ artworks. Go and have a look as it has been given a new lick of paint and it’s all refreshed – Creation in Isolation

The TAG exhibition for 2020 is now available, the link is Wait for the welcome page to appear, change to full view using the second button from the top in the top left corner. Then click on the right pointing arrow to start the guided tour, you can click on the pause button (same as the start button which will change to 2 vertical lines) to spend more time at each piece of art. If you click on the artwork another screen pops up with more details ie medium and price, etc, the tour automatically stops when you click on the artwork so you will need the close this screen first by clicking on the X at the top right and click on the start arrow to continue the tour. It is recommended you use a laptop or PC as depending on the tablet you might encounter issues trying to run the program. 

I have uploaded 8 new artworks on our virtual gallery today, so go and have a look. Both our virtual galleries can be accessed here: Creation in Isolation and Thank you NHS! Hope you will enjoy our artworks. Thank you – Website Manager

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