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This is a list of exhibitions and online events taking place in the South West and other counties. For more information about these events use “Click here” which will take you to the original websites.

DISCLAIMER: Taunton Art Group only advertises the online courses on behalf of the establishments/artists, we take no responsibility if there are any issues with the courses. The arrangements are made between you and the artist only.

St Ives School of painting are running some ZOOM tutorials for December and 2021. Cost of online course are between £10.00 – £20.00.  Click here for more details.Glyn Macey’s Acrylic Workshops. Glyn is a artist from Cornwall using acrylics, multi media, collages in his artworks. Workshops are about 50 minutes at a cost of £9.99 each. Click here for more details.Step by step tutorials from Tony Hogan, no fee. Click here for details.Jake Winkle Zoom online demo’s cost is £10.00. Next demo is 26th of February at 11am. Click here for details.

Demo days archive from Facebook demo’s, all free so go ahead I know you want to! Click here for more details.

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